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pyramidal technologies alias fire arm management best forensic technology global award 2018

“Winner of Best Forensic Technology Global”

Pyramidal Technologies: Empowering Forensics

“Major Players in Global Forensic Technologies Market” -WhaTech

Solve more crimes. Convict more criminals. Save more lives.

Get the ALIAS advantage.

ALIAS leads the next generation in forensic ballistics analysis.

More than the technology is revolutionary. ALIAS is aggressively priced against competitive offerings. Moreover, five annual support cost options range from zero cost for law enforcement agencies with available IT resources, to platinum coverage that includes 24/7 support and two-hour response time.

ALIAS image data is captured by the world’s finest Swiss-built, application-specific interferometer and then processed with a thoroughly modern 64-bit computing and application architecture.

ALIAS builds visually rich 3D cartridge case and bullet images, then provides powerful tools to analyze them using topographically sensitive colorization, and real time adjustable light source and axis orientation.


Like a Digital Comparison Microscope, ALIAS can perform split-screen analysis of Bullets or Cartridge Cases in real time. Tens of millions of 3D points define each exhibit displayed, revealing tool marks with exceptional precision.
This video illustrates non-traditional visualisations, “True-3D” manipulation, real time light source illumination, depth-sensitive colorisation, and split-screen comparison as just some of the tool offerings to help determine a common source firearm for fired bullets and expended cartridge cases.

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