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Pyramidal Technologies announces new generation of ALIAS interferometer

Pyramidal technologies is pleased to announce the release of its Generation Five interferometer.  This new component will revolutionize the already advanced ALIAS system.  Among the highlights of the new interferometer are:

  • Increase sensor size from 13,500 elements to 90,000 elements. Raw scan times are about five times faster than Generation Four
  • Lateral resolution improved from 2um to 1.6um
  • Vertical resolution improved to 200nm. These improvements decrease significantly any rounding errors that may occur
  • Introduction of interactive mode with 2D video camera. This is used when acquiring bullet scans. It allows operators to preview and select areas of forensic significance prior to initiating a scan
  • XY stage resolution improved from 1um to 100 nanometers
  • Both bullet and cartridge case holders have been re-designed to improve efficiency

Together, these improvements will result in faster scan times and improved data integrity for the user, increased overall throughput and a higher solution rate.

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